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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Today’s trades - 3 Winning trades.

Readers, today was a volatile and news driven day due to budget. However my pre-market analysis yesterday helped gain some good profits today.
Read my pre-market analysis here

Trade 1 – L&T Buy Success

L&T consolidated in the morning and  there was a breakout above days high. I alerted the readers here. Could get small profits since the stock started reversing back.


Trade 2 – Tata Steel Sell – Success

Tata Steel – In my analysis yesterday, I had written that Tata Steel was negative below the level 354. It was also the daily pivot. As soon as the stock went below 354, I alerted my readers here and entered the short. Tata Steel fell below 346 which was another selling opportunity and I kept holding the stock till it started bouncing back.

The exact support band which I wrote in my Tata Steel update reflected in todays trade. Read my earlier post here

Trade 3 – L&T Sell – Success

L&T – In my analysis yesterday here, I had written that L&T is negative below 1380, So I entered into sell position which gave me several points profit.
Overall a very good day and levels, proper analysis and patience was rewarded.
Hope you also traded and reaped profits.



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