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Thursday 14 March 2013

Tata Steel , L&T Update

Tata Steel touched the target of 347 below 352. Book profits and exit.

L&T sell if it sustains below 1480.


Morning Sir,
Sorry for disobeying u,I had read your morning post.As pre decided,shorting Tata Steel below 350 for 3 points & looking for oppertunity.Then came sudden fall of Nifty. As I had mentioned,of late it has become a cc of Nifty.Enter 335 exit 358,there is certain junk in Tata Steel.Yesterday,I had seen towards the end even metals were on buying but Tata Steel was not.Even I have collected small quantity of Hindalco @ 95.4 & will collect upto 90.That gave me some idea about Tata Steel.Then saw your post also to exit & Nifty was recovering fast.Thank you Sir, my levels are increasing with you.You are not only a technical but a realistic person also.Today Nifty may be positive and so Tata Steel. Let's see.Writing in the evening.


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