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Monday 4 March 2013

Today’s trades 04 March–3 winning trades


Today, I basically followed my pre-market calls. Instead of charts, I just traded based on levels which is one of the approaches  when stocks show strong trend.

Please read my pradeemarket calls here and then read below.

Which stocks to trade 04 March

1. Trade 1 – Tata Steel : Sold below 339 , the stock hit 333. Covered at 335.

2. Trade 2 – L&T: Sold below1385 as per my pre-market call. Covered with 20 points profit.

3. Trade 3 – Infosys: I had written that IT is weakening based on my sector analysis yesterday. Though Infosys moved up in the morning, the stock started correcting and finally hit 2872. Sold below 2885 for a 5 points profit.

I request all readers to look at my pre-market levels, look at overall market mood and charts to enter and exit trades. You will be able to make money every day.

I will soon post the trades for tomorrow.



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