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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Todays trades 06 Mar –3 winning and 1 losing trade

Today was a good day and most of the stocks went in the expected direction. Summarizing my trades below.

1. Trade 1 –Tata Steel – Success. In my pre-market analysis, I was looking at a buy signal above 346. Stock moved down after opening and then crossed this level which was the day’s high as well. Exited with good profits. Please click on the chart to see the entry and exit points.

2. Trade 2 – L&T – Success. L&T was up today after market opening, consolidated at day’s high and started moving up. Please click on the chart to see the trade.

3. Trade 3- Reliance – Loss. Wanted to enter above 830, though the stock moved above this level with volumes, it immediately started falling and MACD gave negative cross over. When you are long and MACD gives bearish crossover, candle moves below 20 MA, that is the time to exit. I exited with loss.

4. Trade 4 – Cipla – Success. Though my level was buy above 385, Cipla did not cross this level, in fact days high was 384. However, the stock showed rounded bottom and bounce from the pivot. So I entered into a buy position when MACD gave positive crossover in 5 min chart. This proved to be an excellent trade. Please see the chart for more details.


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