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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Todays trades 07 Mar –2 winning trades


Today was a good day to trade with minimal volatility. Nifty was mostly stagnating the whole day and started rallying in the last two hours .Such days are good for intraday traders, since they get a chance to watch stocks for a long time and can buy or sell the stocks which are moving in the direction of Nifty breakout.

1. Trade 1 – ICICI Bank – Successful Buy

ICICI, my buy level as per pre-market call was above 1110. ICICI was range bound most of the day, but never fell below the pivot. There was also a rounded bottom at pivot before the breakout. I bought above 1110 and sold with close to 8 points profit.

2. Trade 2 – Cipla – Successful Buy

I was looking for  a trade to buy Cipla above my level od 384. As soon as Cipla crossed 384, it hit 387 giving 3 points profit (lot size 1000). There was some choppiness and the stock never hit the SL 381. Later it made another high. Please click on the chart.

3. SBI – My buy level of 2175 was not reached.

4. BHEL – Sell level did not reach, the stock climbed above its resistance 205 and rallied to 207.5

5. Reliance - Reliance was down most of the day but smartly recovered to move above my level of 840, but it was at the end of the session, so I did not trade.

Hope those who traded based on my analysis gained today. I will soon publish tomorrows calls.



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