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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Todays Trades 12 March–4 winning trades


Today, all trades profitable as per the levels in the pre-market calls.

Pre-Market Calls.

1. ICICI Bank – Sell below 1127 for target of 1118. Below 1118, stock could slide by another 10-20 points. SL for shorts is 1140.

2. Maruti – Sell below 1412 with SL of 1427. Below 1405, the stock will further slide.

3. L&T – Buy above 1525 for target of 1530- 1550. SL is 1492. Please do not buy into the spike of IIP news. Do not sell L&T below the SL, since L&T recovers typically  even if IIP news is bad. Another condition for long trade in L&T is Nifty crossing 6000.

4. Infosys – Sell below 2930 with SL at 2945. Target is 2920.

5. SBI- Sell below 2190 with SL at 2206.

Actual Trades as of 01:30 PM

1. ICICI Bank - Sold at 1126 and covered at 1119. Success

2. Maruti - Sold at 1410 and covered at 1405.

3. L&T - Buy above level not triggered. Days high at 1421. As I wrote in the pre-market call, L&T recovered sharply from days low.

4. Infosys - Sold at 2928 and covered at 2920.

Hope everyone enjoyed the trades. I will post selected charts after market closing.


Truely Sir,
Your levels are excellent & it reflects that you are a very good analyst.My association with you had saved me from many losses from last month.I believe in small profits rather than big losses.

Market was very volatile today.So I did not trade much, only observed.I am not comfortable with large scrips now. Intended to short DLF when it was in new high but refrained myself.
Yesterday,I positioned in ONGC & CIPLA. After SL hit in ONGC,bought from the deep & covered some loss. CIPLA pp Rs 394.05 but it traded below most of the time.Sensed amiss & exit at 393.5 then Cipla went up to 495 level & crashed as per your chart.I thanked your training. A SAIL CE covered all my loss & ended the day with profit.

Tomorrow, I will observe your levels of Tata Steel. if possible, go for shorting below 350 level to take revenge of the Budget day loss.Of late, it has become a carbon copy of Nifty.But, I am very fond of Tata Steel.The script had never ever gave me loss earlier.

I think, buying deep pays if market remains volatile.
My problem is that I am not getting the real time chart. Presently, I refer to chart but they are not real time chart & they do not have all the charts.
Please refer me getting some free realtime stock & index charts site.In later stages, I may go for subscribing paid sites when I'll feel that I could better handle them like you.
Thanks & GN.

Dear Sir,
Market has already factored in 50bps rate cut & expected a poor IIP data (in fact,a lack luster IIP also) favouring a rate cut appeal at RBI court.As our DIIs & Fund houses have become fund less after shorting so many days,hence they have literally begging a rate cut everyday in every possible way .Gone are the days when FIIs were selling & DIIs buying the next day & vice versa. So there was a balance.
Now, it is lop-sided in favour of FIIs. Most of the foreign liquidity is going in favour of only sector that is IT. And Indian Promotors,especially Mid & Small caps are so cash strapped & weak-hearted fellows that they are leaving the sinking ship fast & first.Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Face Book had appealed the investors not sell the scrips when FB & US Econonmy was facing problem & people had listened to him.It is a recent incident.
All banking stocks have gone up with recent rally.May go down or up with it/Bank Nifty after 19th March.But the PSU Banks have not up as much as Pvt Banks.Down side is limited but what about rally,your views pl...for investment.Discount the NPA, bad govt policy & bad economy will have NPA, it wont be corrected overnight .
In my view, market may see some downside now but certainly coming up to touch new high. Or,I wish,this correction to be too long for everybody feel comfortable with good number of retail participation.

My later comments missing. OK

Hi, you get real time charts free from google finance. You need to create a portfolio add your stocks and indicators you need. You can see cash prices and charts close to real time. Frankly speaking you dont need anything else. Most of the charts I publish are from google finance and that is the best free source available as of today. If you need any help on configuring google finance charts, I can guide you.


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