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Monday, 18 March 2013

Todays Trades 18 March - 2 winning trades

Dear Readers

Today we had two successful trades. Most of the stocks in my pre-market calls opened lower than my trigger price, but Bajaj Auto and Tata Motors gave good sell opportunities.

Trade 1- Bajaj Auto - Successfull Sell

Bajaj Auto was up during the first half an hour. However the stock moved below my level of 1840. Subsequently it touched a low of 1805 during the day. A short entry was made below 1840 and multiple lots
booked till 1815. I was able to alert my readers here real time.

Please view the video to get a real feeling on how the trade looked like during market hours.

Trade 2 - Tata Motors - Successful Sell

Tata Motors continuously sustained below 290 a short was made at 289 and covered at 286.

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