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Thursday 14 March 2013

Todays Trades – 13 March 3 winning trades

Dear Readers
Market had a significant upmove. I could not take full advantage of this, since I was awaiting my level of 5920 to be crossed to be bullish overall. Today's high was exactly at 5920.
Made the following trades.
1. Tata Steel - Sold below 352 and covered at 348 as per my pre-market call.
2. Hero Honda - As per the alert I gave here, I sold below 1700 and could squeeze in 5-6 points profit.
3. ICICI Bank - Nifty crossed 5860 and ICICI as well recovered from days low and crossed the critical resistance of 1095 which was incidentally the high made in the initial 20 minutes. On crossing this, entered at 1097 and booked profit at 1110 levels.
Did not go for any other shorts, since Nifty crossed 5860. (Please read pre-market calls)
Which stocks to trade today 14 March
Hope the readers too made profits today. We might have missed some huge upmoves today since we were on the bearish side. But, markets will give plenty of chances in the coming days. So dont bother about lost opportunity. What is important for a day trader is to remain in net profit at the end of the day, every day !!



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