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Technical Analysis Simplified

The objective of this website is to introduce simple mechanisms for trading based on Technical Analysis. Understanding the market psychology, following a trading system consistently, entering and exiting trades in a disciplined manner all is essential for making consistent profits


Dear Readers, this is a purely non-profit initiative and will never become a paid site. Primary objective is to share as much information as possible from real life trading experience to help small traders earn consistently in the market.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Another day of super profits 20,750/-


We had another day of bumper profits. All calls were given here before market open.

Pre-market Calls

Review of today's calls

Scrip Action Above Below T1 T2 SL Target Lot size Profit
TCS Buy 1940 1955 1965 1920      X  
HCL Tech Buy 1020 1030 1040 1000      T2 500 10000
Infosys Buy 3100 3115 3125 3090      T1 125 1875
ICICI Buy 815 820 824 805      T2 250 2250
Tata Steel Buy 285 288 291 283      T1 1000 3000
Tata Motors Buy 309 311 313 302  X
L&T Buy 726 733 742 720      T1 375 2625
Reliance Buy 852 854 856 847      T2 250 1000
Maruti Sell 1225 1217 1200 1235       X
SBI Sell 1465 1445 1420 1500      X
Cipla Sell 393 388 385 398      X
Keep visiting and enjoy profits every day

Friday, 30 August 2013

How to make best use of this site

1. Trading Lessons

I have published the first two lessons on intraday trading

1. Opening Range Breakout Trading System which is one of the fundamental and most successful trading system day traders should be aware of.
2. Intraday Trading System based on Simplified Technical Analysis.

Following these trading systems religiously will improve success rates dramatically. 
Please refer to the Day Trading Course link on home page.

Other Trading Lessons are at the moment through live examples. Please click on the category Trading Lessons and you will get plenty of practical tips.  

I will soon be publishing a full course covering simplified technical analysis and my trading strategies.

2. Pre-Market Analysis

A good and thorough preparation is required before the start of trading day in order to succeed in the market. At least 15-30 minutes of preparation per stock is required to day trade it the next day.  Tracking needs to be done on daily charts, weekly charts, support- resistance levels, stock specific news, sector news, any events in the near future that could impact the sector/stock.

In general, analysis of domestic and global markets – Asia, Europe and US and potential impact on next day needs to be carried out. Ideally, if the analysis is done after US market close, it will yield better results.
I do the above analysis for all the stocks that I cover in pre-market calls. You can trade based on the pre-market calls in combination with charts. But not blindly based on levels.
Always trade on 2 lots (in futures) and book 1 lot when you see profit.

3. Day’s trades

I trade on most of the recommendations given in my pre-market calls. At the end of the day, I publish my trades with the charts. Learn these trades thoroughly to understand my entry and exit points and trading style. I do not use complex technical indicators or trading software, just few indicators and support-resistance levels. Those who track my trades regularly know that my trades have very high levels of accuracy and no. of trades are limited to 3-4 a day. My objective is to take money out of the table every day even if it is small.

4. Trading Videos

Videos of selected trade to give the readers a real feel of the live market and the decision making process. In the videos, I cover important concepts of partial profit booking, revising SLs, identifying trends and using technical indicators. Whenever time permits, I will upload real trade videos. 

5. Real time alerts

Very limited though many of my readers are requesting me to provide real time trading ideas. My objective is not to provide stock tips, but to help readers trade on their own based on guidance from my pre-market calls and real time charts. But wherever possible, I try to reply to questions from traders on a real time basis. You may post your question as comment on my daily posts and I will reply as soon as I can. 

5. Answer to your queries

I try to answer your queries for intraday, short term, long term positions based on my time availability.You may post your question as comment on my daily posts and I will reply as soon as I can. 

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the content. My objective is to share my knowledge and experience to help everyone to come out winning in their trades. Please drop a comment if you have any questions, I will respond. 

Nifty Outlook and Stocks to trade on August 30

We had a wonderful day yesterday with our longs in IT. We continue to be long on IT. L&T & Reliance is moving into our buy after many days of gap.

Nifty will face strong resistance at 5460 followed by 5480. Support is placed at 5380. Please trade based on levels below and enjoy another day of profits !!

Intraday calls for today

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Another profitable day - August 29, Profit of Rs. 14,500

Pre-market calls worked well giving high profits to the followers of the blog. We were long in IT which moved up giving good gains. Infosys was bearish due to news on the stock,TCS and HCL gave good gains.

Today total gains of 14,500/- . As you have seen, we are making money every day. Are you losing out ? Then my sincere request is to learn the course here and also follow the pre-market analysis. Your market experience will definitely improve.

Scrip Action Above Below T1 T2 SL Target Lot size Profit
TCS Buy 1920 1940 1960 1900     T2 250 10000
HCL Tech Buy 985 989 995 975     T2 500 5000
Infosys Buy 3110 3125 3145 3110     T1 125 1875
ICICI Buy 811 817 825 788     809 250 -500
Tata Steel Buy 284 286 288 278     X
SBI Sell 1520-25 1490 1480 1545     X
ONGC Sell 244 240 238 250     X
Bharti Airtel Sell 286 281 274 290.5     X
Maruti Sell 1225 1217 1200 1235     SL Hit 250 -2500
L&T Sell 698 692 685 705     X
Bajaj Auto Sell 1715 1710 1690 1725     T1 125 625

Nifty outlook and Intraday trading calls for August 29

We had another profitable day on 28 Aug with a profit of close to Rs. 12,000/-. We we000re in sell mode fully , but I am viewing IT as positive for tomorrow. Banks in general will still be weak , but I believe ICICI will bounce back. Be careful on IT longs, it is highly susceptible to the Rupee movement. If Rupee appreciates, IT stocks could fall in the middle of the session or any day. As of now, Infosys and TCS looks to be highly bullish. 

As expected Nifty fell by more than 100 points below 5250.  This level holds good for tomorrow as well. If the market can hold on to this level, buying will come for short term.  The worrying factor however is that market touched 5150 and below, which could be an indication that market can move to 5000 in the event of another fall. 

Markets will be very volatile due to expiry, please book profits at the first opportunity.

Intraday calls for August 29

Scrip Action Above Below T1 T2 SL
TCS Buy 1920 1940 1960 1900
HCL Tech Buy 985 989 995 975
Infosys Buy 3110 3125 3145 3110
ICICI Buy 811 817 825 788
Tata Steel Buy 284 286 288 278
SBI Sell 1520-25 1490 1480 1545
ONGC Sell 244 240 238 250
Bharti Airtel Sell 286 281 274 290.5
Maruti Sell 1225 1217 1200 1235
L&T Sell 698 692 685 705
Bajaj Auto Sell 1715 1710 1690 1725
Notes : 1 Buy Above or Sell Below the levels given for a target T1 or T2 with SL 2 Do not enter if target is achieved already 3 Always trade in two lots and book 1 lot at T1 *SBI Sell on rise to 1520-25 levels

Please take positions only after  9:30 AM. Please do not enter into any fresh trades after 3:00 PM.

Please do not trade blindly on these levels. A buy position should be supported by charts giving positive signals. A sell position should be supported by charts giving negative signals. Please see real trades in earlier posts to understand how an intraday long or short is created.

Real Trades Update
Trading Videos

Any significant news which affects individual stocks or overall market direction will invalidate the technical analysis behind the above views. In such a situation use real time charts to trade.

All the views and contents mentioned in this blog are the personal observations of the author and is in no way a recommendation for the readers to enter into trades of stocks/futures. The author do not accept any liability/loss resulting from the use of any content from this blog. Any act of trading performed by readers should be at their own discretion and neither the author or the sources mentioned in the blog will be responsible for the outcome.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Are you making money every day in the market ? Todays profit 12,000/-

Three calls triggered from the pre-market analysis and we made a total profit of 12,000/-

Please see pre-market calls here.

Pre-market calls for 28 August

Please see the review of today's calls below.

Scrip Action Above Below T1 T2 SL Target Lot size Profit
Axis Bank Sell 869 860 845 880      X
ICICI Bank Sell 800 793 785 810      X
SBI Sell 1500 1480 1460 1521      X
DLF Sell 129 127 125 132      T2 1000 4000
LT Sell 697 689 675 710      X
Cipla Sell 391 388 385 398      T2 1000 6000
Tata Steel Sell 271 269 266 276      T1 1000 2000
ONGC Sell 257 255 253 260.5       X
Maruti Sell 1270 1250 1240 1285       X
Bharti Airtel Sell 297 293 288 302       X
Reliance Sell 800 794 785 810       X


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