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Monday, 19 August 2013

Review of today’s calls–19 August

Only 1 call triggered today and gave handsome profits. Tata Steel gave 7 points. For 1 lot is futures , this would have given Rs. 7000/- in few minutes.

  1. Tata Motors – Buy above 316.50 for a target of 318-20 with SL at 314. Fresh buy above 324 for a target of 328 with SL at 323.50. Did not trigger.
  2. SBI – As of now, it looks like that SBIs fall will be halted at 1550-40 levels. So recommend a buy for a bounce till 1620-40 in next few sessions. For tomorrow buy above 1580 for a target of 1605 with SL at 1540. If sustains above 1605, buy fresh for a target of 1620-40 with SL at 1580. Did not trigger. SBI seems to find support in the range 1540-30 as of now. Be careful in shorting.
  3. Cipla – Buy above 418 for a target of 420-22 with SL at 416. Fresh buy above 426 for a target of 430 with SL at 422. Did not trigger, no single candle 2 min / 5min closed above 418 , stock could not sustain above this level.
  4. Tata Steel – Will be positive only above 238-240 range. Long target could be 245-248 with an SL at 232. First target achieved. Was an excellent buy. Above 238-240, the stock touched 245 with high volume. There were strong buy signals from the chart as well.
  5. ONGC - Will be positive only above 278. Long target could be 282-84 with SL at 277. Did not trigger.
  6. Infosys – Infosys will be positive only on a sustain above 3000. Keep this as SL and sell on rise for a target of 2985-70. Fresh sell below 2965 for a target of 2950-25. Did not trigger.
  7. BHEL – Sell on rise towards 108 with SL at 110 for a target of 106. (Risky trade). Did not trigger, stock did not reach 108, days high was 106.
  8. Bajaj Auto – Sell on rise to 1860 with SL at 1880 for a target of 1840-30. Fresh sell below 1830 for a target of 1805 with SL at 1840. Did not trigger.
  9. ICICI Bank – Sell below 855 for a target of 850 with SL at 861. Fresh sell below 850-848 for a target of 844 with SL at 855. Did not trigger. Target achieved on opening.
  10. Reliance – Sell if Reliance rises above 838 and falls below that level unable to sustain. Stoploss will be 845 for a target of 830-820 levels. Did not trigger.



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