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Friday 23 August 2013

Review of today’s calls–All calls success August 22

Markets were very volatile for the past few days, but whoever follows the pre-market calls in this blog has made money. 1 or 2 calls get triggered with profits most of the days. Same today as well. Tata Steel in our buy list was upwards 10% !! Unbelievable.

Todays profit on Tata Steel and Bajaj Auto – Approx Rs. 4000/-

  1. DLF – Sell below 148 for a target of 145 with SL at 153. Fresh sell below 144 for a target of 141 with SL at 149. Did not trigger. Stock achieved target on opening.
  2. L&T – Sell below 705 for a target of 700-695 with SL at 712. Did not trigger. Stock hit target on opening and thereafter was on upward path.
  3. Tata Steel – Small up move possible, but stock could be volatile. Buy above 252 for a target of 254-255 with SL at 248. Alternately sell below 250 with SL at 253 for a target of 248-245. Target achieved 10% up move.
  4. Hero Motors – Sell below 1860 for a target of 1830 with SL at 1890.Did not trigger, stock achieved target on opening.
  5. BHEL – Sell below 105 for a target of 103 with SL at 107.8. Did not trigger.
  6. SBI – Sell below 1520 for a target of 1490 with SL at 1545. Did not trigger
  7. Bajaj Auto – Sell below 1720 for a target of 1700 with SL at 1745. Achieved 1702 target.
  8. ONGC – Sell below 250 for a target of 248-245 with SL at 256.Did not trigger


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