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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Today's profits Rs, 12,000/-

Dear Readers

We had both buy and sell calls today and the strategy worked well. Please see the results below.

Today levels worked completely in our favor and lot of calls did not get trigger which otherwise would have been loss making. 

L&T did not trigger. Buy above level was 980. Days high was 979.90!!
TCS sell below level was 2045, days low was 2047 !!, so the call did not trigger. 
Hero Motors sell below level was 1990, days low was 1991 !! so the call did not trigger. 

As you can see in the below Axis Bank chart, once the buy above level was crossed, the stock never closed below the 20 EMA in 5 min chart. In this case, we can hold one lot (half of the trade quantity) till the market close to maximise the gain. This is how trending market can be exploited. 

Please read my other post on How to trade trend

BHEL second target was 131, days low was 131.15. In the chatbox, book profit alert was given at 131.50



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