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Thursday 17 April 2014

Update 3 - Long Term Investment Portfolio from Technical Analysis Simplified

Dear Readers

We received several queries on what to do with our Long Term Portfolio from several readers. We thought since the markets have run up significantly and major political events are expected soon, it is better to provide our views on the portfolio which has yielded significant returns of 20% since it was recommended in September 2013.

Election results could have several possible outcomes. A stable positive government - Nifty could go past 7000. Neutral government - Nifty could move between 6000-6500.  A negative outcome could take the Nifty down to 5500-800 levels. 

Our recommendation is to book 30% profits and wait for election results. Even if market rallies after election results, you have 70% of the portfolio running and you will definitely get chances to invest later as well. 

Those who are willing to hold the portfolio for more than 3 years need not book profits. Just add ITC and Cipla as and when they come down from current prices. 

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