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Saturday 30 August 2014

This week's profits Rs. 31, 375/-

Dear Readers

This week's total profit on pre-market calls is Rs. 31,375. Assuming that the trades were done in F&O following strict entry and exit points as per our guidelines.

I request readers to understand the power of support and resistance which is the very basis of generating these calls. These calls are always generated before market opening by studying the charts, news and the general script behavior. Please watch these calls performing during real market  hours and decide whether you can make money out of it. Those who cannot trade on Futures, can trade these calls is cash with rough capital of  Rs. 50,000/-and a a leverage of 1:4 offered by many brokers.

Monday - Loss -1250/-
Tuesday - Profit - 10,500/-
Wednesday - Profit - 6,875/-
Thursday- Profit - 15,250

Total - 31,375

Results of thursday's trades are given below. 


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