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Dear Readers

The objective of this blog is to introduce Simplified Technical Analysis to help small traders succeed in trading in Indian markets. 

What is Technical Analysis Simplified

1. Trading decisions based on minimum number of technical indicators 
2. Understanding market psychology using charts
3. Consistently following simple trading systems
4. Trading less but more accurately. 

Basic knowledge of technical analysis is a pre-requisite to understand my site. Reader should have some basic understanding of the below concepts in technical analysis.

1. Basic charts - Line and Candlestick , Support and Resistance.
2. Moving Average - Simple and Exponential
3. RSI
5. Candle Stick Patterns
6. Chart Patterns

Everything else required to do day and swing trading profitably, can be learnt by following examples in this site and applying the techniques covered in my trading course and lessons which are being updated from time to time.  

Please click on the link below before you start reading the articles: 

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